Robi Missed Call Alert

robi missed call alert

In this post, I am going to share all the informations regarding Robi “Missed Call Alert” that Robi is offering to its customers and tell you how to do it. It is one of the top value added services of Robi and related to call and mobile management and very important service as well. I hope it will help the Robi users who want to know about this service of “Robi Missed Call Alert” from Robi and want to use it in the near future.

Robi “Missed Call Alert” in details – 


Robi missed call alert service will let you know regarding all the missed calls that have made to you when your mobile phone is either unreachable or switched off or out of network or even when phone is busy or not answered. When you switch on your mobile phone, you will receive notification of missed calls through SMS. The missed call alert SMS will contain information of calling party’s mobile number, when the call was made with time and date. All Robi users will enjoy this service at completely free of cost to have a better experience. This free offer will be continued till further notice. In order to activate this service, you just need to write a SMS where you need to type REG or ON and send it to to 8272. For the IVR, dial 8272 and follow the IVR prompt. Similarly, to deactivate, type OFF and send it to to 8272. For the IVR, the procedure is the same.

There are unique features of IVR which are – ‘notify me mode,’ ‘edit white and black list,’ ‘divert number operation’ and ‘set personal setting.’ To avail this, the subscription charge is BDT 2 TK. plus VAT while the IVR fee is BDT 2 TK. plus VAT.

Points to remember are that – while subscribed to the Robi missed call alert service, if any subscriber cancels the call forwarding or diverting option or changes the number (8272), the user has to manually re-activate the option from their handset settings to get the service again.existing missed call alert base will enjoy this free offering by default whereas new user needs to activate this service to enjoy as free. Registered user can cancel this service at any time by following the deactivation process.


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