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In this post, I am going to share all the informations regarding Robi “Call Block” that Robi is offering to its customers. It is one of the top value added services of Robi and related to call and mobile management. I hope it will help the Robi users who want to know about this Robi “Call Block” service that Robi is giving and try to utilize the maximum of it that are available for them.

It is your right to decide who can call you and who cannot and Robi knows that. Hence, Robi introduces for the first time in Bangladesh “Robi CALL BLOCK” service. It is very easy-to-use and simple service to get rid all of your unwanted incoming calls instantly.

Robi “Call Block” in details – 

Service Charges are as follows –


The monthly subscription fee is Tk. 25 whereas weekly subscription fee Tk. 7. Other than that, 15 day subscription fee Tk. 14 only. Moreover, you can add to ‘Black’ or ‘White’ list at TK. 5 per number from 11th number. It is because of the fact that 1st 10 number entries are completely free. The standard charges for this service is at TK. 2 per SMS and IVR browsing is at TK. 2 per min. However, all charges are excluding VAT. To add number to black list, type addb < space > number and send that to 8181. To delete number from black list, delb < space > number. To see current black list, bl. To add number to white list, addw < space > number. To delete number from white list, delw < space > number. To see current white list, wl. Moreover, to switch to white list type swl. To switch to black list type sbl. To un-register, type unreg and to know keywords, type help. To activate this great service…just dial 8181 or *818# and follow the instructions.

So what are you waiting for !!! Come and grab it with both hands.


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