Grameenphone Prepaid Packages

In this post, I am going to talk about all the packages that Grameenphone is offering to its customers with its tiny little details as well. I hope it will help those who want to know about the current Grameenphone Prepaid Packages that are available for them.


Currently there are  eight Grameenphone Prepaid Packages for prepaid users. These are – Nischinto, Bondhu, Djuice, Amontron, Smile, Shohoj, Aapon and Spondon. Nischinto users will enjoy attractive flat rate for all where fnf is not applicable for them. They will get 15 paisa/10 second for GP to GP. Bondhu users will enjoy highest fnf numbers where 1 Super fnf & 17 fnf is available for them. They will get 5 paisa per 10 second in super fnf which should be GP to GP. Bondhu users will enjoy exclusive community rate from 10 fnf numbers. For GP to GP, 20 paisa will be charged for 10 second and for Community, 10 paisa will be charged for 10 seconds of talk. Amontron users will enjoy flat rate to other operators. They will get 1 super fnf, 20.5 paisa for 10 second in GP to GP while GP-Others will cost them 11 paisa per 10 second. Smile users have more reasons to smile becasue they enjoy 3 fnf numbers, where GP to GP is 12 paisa per 10 second at 12 am to 8 am. Shohoj and Aapon users have more simplified rate plan because Shohoj users do not have any fnf and 19.17 paisa per 10 second will be charged for GP to GP whereas 14.17 paisa per 10 second will be charged for GP to GP in Aapon. These all packages have one thing in common which is 10 second pulse and 50 Paisa per sms. Spondon however is giving 1 second pulse, no fnf and 2.12 paisa per second for GP to GP and 50 Paisa per sms. The connection fees of all Grameenphone Prepaid Packages are the same which is that of 200 tk.


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