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When you can get 4 GB of data at only 500 taka, it is an offer that is very hard to refuse. Now, it is your chance to get 4 GB at Tk. 500 from Citycell that will surely blow one’s mind. This offer is powered to you by Citycell for all the pre-paid and post-paid customers.

Get 4 GB at Tk. 500 from Citycell in details – 


In order to activate this special plan, a pre-paid customer has to type “MyFi” and send SMS to 9666. For the post-paid customers, it is different and need to contact with the helpline. You will get two months internet at the cost of one month and 500 SMS more. To get two months subscription fee, a customer has to log in to any ‘ultra’ monthly plan by paying the money fee first. Double of first month’s subscription fee will be given back as bonus in six equal installments in six months excluding VAT. To get the installments a customer has to log in to any ‘ultra’ monthly plan each month. To get the additional usage, a customer has to log in to tk. 400 or more monthly plan by paying the money each month. A customer will get additional 3 GB on top of the regular usage limit for seven months. Additional usage offer is applicable for first seven months after activation date. If is is remains unused, the offer will close down. Post-paid customers cannot disconnect the connection or downgrade the plan within the campaign period.

Points to be remembered are – for post-paid, extra usage fee is applicable in an amount of 0.0007 TK. per KB whereas for pre-paid, it is 0.0001 TK. per KB. Not to mention that 15 percent VAT is applicable for any service provided to you.

So, do not miss this golden chance of get 4 GB at tk. 500 provided to you by Citycell that is there for the taking.


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