Citycell International Roaming Service


Citycell international roaming service enables Citycell customers to use his or her own Citycell post-paid mobile number in both CDMA and GSM Foreign Operators’ Networks in 200 destinations with more than 600 operators worldwide. This service is called Global Roaming. With the same Global Roaming RUIM card one can now roam in both CDMA and GSM networks just by changing the handset. This Service also includes In-flight, Ferry-Cruise and Satellite roaming.


Citycell international roaming service in details – 

It gives you not only Voice but also SMS Roaming in both CDMA and GSM networks. It will have comparatively lower roaming tariff in CDMA network. Global Roaming RUIM card works in Satellite handset of ‘Thuraya Satellite’ service. First operator in Bangladesh to introduce In-flight and maritime roaming. Dedicated roaming support team with a hotline number of 0119ROAMING – 01197626464. It has push-pull SMS based service through 7626 to know current IR bill.

So, as a foreigner or Bangladeshi living in foreign countries, if you are planning to visit Bangladesh, enjoy roaming in CDMA2000 1X network with your CDMA (800MHz/1900MHz) handsets in Bangladesh with Citycell. Citycell has most comprehensive nationwide coverage covers of all the districts of Bangladesh and is the only CDMA mobile operator of the Country. Citycell is now offering its post-paid customers also in the country’s only CDMA2000 1X International Roaming Service in more than 200 destinations and 600 CDMA and GSM operators around the world.

So, do not miss this golden chance of Citycell international roaming service provided to you by Citycell that is there for the taking.


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