Citycell 1 Tk = 1 GB


Are you someone who used to got surprises and it is something that attracts you no more? Well, think again because Citycell 1 Tk = 1 GB pack will surely blow your mind with full of surprises. This offer is powered to you by Citycell.

Citycell 1 Tk = 1 GB in details – 


This offer is applicable for all new ‘Zoom Ultra’ customers. In order to activate this 1 GB pre-paid plan offer, type “One” and send it to 9666. The pre-paid customers will get data of 1 GB at 1 TK. only with every new data pre-paid bundle with a speed of up to 512 Kbps with 15 days validity. However, the customers can avail this offer only once. On the contrary, the post-paid customers will get 100 percent discount excluding VAT only once on UP 9 plan for every new data post-paid bundle. Discount will be given on the third month for second month month’s bill. The UP 9 plan consists of 512 Kbps data for 2 GB internet at 290 TK.

Points to be remembered are – extra usage fee applicable is that of 0.0003 TK. per KB. Speed refers to download speed only. The VAT is applicable for all charges.

So, do not miss this golden chance of Citycell 1 Tk = 1 GB provided to you by Citycell that is there for the taking.



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