Call Waiting and Call Holding on Robi

Robi Call Waiting and Call Hold

In this post, I am going to share all the informations regarding “Call Waiting” and “Call Holding” on Robi sim that Robi is offering to its customers and tell you how to do it. It is one of the top value added services of Robi and related to call and mobile management and very important service as well. I hope it will help the Robi users who want to know about this service of “Call Waiting” and “Call Holding” from Robi and want to use it in the near future.

Robi “Call Waiting” and “Call Holding” in details – 


Call waiting service will help a person to manage two calls at the same time. It is a kind of service where it will let you know when someone else is trying to get through to you but you are on a phone call. Here, you will hear a sound or even a ring tone which alerts you about the incoming call that you are getting. On the other hand, ‘Call Holding’ service allows you to put your current call on hold and depending on your choice you can either deal with the incoming call or make a new call. It is also possible to switch alternatively from one call to the other without terminating either of the calls. With your handset, you can activate or deactivate call waiting service as now-a-days most phones have this service for you. Otherwise, you can use the codes below –

In order to activate ‘Call Waiting’ and ‘Call Hold,’ you need to press *43# and SEND.  In order to deactivate ‘Call Waiting’ and ‘Call Hold,’ press #43 # and SEND and lastly to check if ‘Call Waiting’ and ‘Call Hold,’ are activated or deactivated press *#43# and SEND.

Points to remember are that – there is no charge for either of these services. However, to do that, you need to look at your mobile phone manual to find out how ‘Call Waiting’ works on your mobile phone.

So what are you waiting for !!! Come and grab it with both hands. Because you are the ultimate winner here.


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