Banglalink Manikjor Package


Welcome to the whole new world for any prepaid package because this is the first time in Bangladesh Banglalink are offering something that any other mobile operator have not given so far for the customers. Banglalink “Manikjor Package” is a new prepaid connection where customers can now purchase a sim pack with two sim connections, in which you can always enjoy 30 paisa per minute between these two numbers. This is a prepaid sim connection.

How Banglalink “Manikjor” prepaid package works – 


There will be two sim cards within a single pack. While buying the sim package, please provide two copies of passport size photos, and a correctly filled saf form which will be provided to you. These two sim cards will be the partner number of each other by default. All other tariffs and features of these two sim cards will be as per existing default package. For example – ‘ek rate darun.’ Banglalink “Manikjor” prepaid package subscribers can migrate to other package like normal subscribers. However, even after migration to any other package, the partner number will remain unchanged along with the special tariff feature.

Banglalink “Manikjor” prepaid package will be available for you at only BDT. 356 Tk. only. Here, the partner call rate would be 30 paisa per minute whereas  to any other operator for 24 hours, it is 90 paisa per minute. The sfnf call rate would be 30 paisa per minute from 12 am to 4 pm and 60 paisa per minute from 4 pm onwards to 12 am. Moreover, you get to enjoy 10 second pulse as well.

So, what are you waiting for !!! Come and grab Banglalink “Manikjor” prepaid package for you and for your friends and family.


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