Airtel ‘Shobai’ Prepaid Package

Here at this post, you are going to find out all the details of airtel ‘shobai’ prepaid package. I hope it will benefit those customers who want to use this particular package.

With airtel ‘shobai’ prepaid package, you can set the whole world of other operators as your fnf. This is a revolutionary package and one must thanks the airtel for that. You can select any one operator at a time as your fnf. You can replace the operator anytime.


Selecting procedure of fnf operators :

For joining at this package you need to write “S” and need to send 7353. Any of you can join and leave this package as per package migration procedure. You will send following keyword to 7353. Charge of 7353 is FREE. The keywords for Banglalink, Citycell, Grameen Phone, Robi and Teletalk are – “BL” or “BA”, “CT” or “CI”, “GP” or “GR”, “RB” or “RO” and “TT” or “TE.”

Working procedure of airtel ‘shobai’ prepaid package : 
 You can replace his/her fnf operator by sending new code. Only the customer of this package can add any operator as fnf. You can change this operator maximum once in a week. You can see the operator by writing ViewopYou will get notification sms after successfully setting one network as fnf. With ‘shobai,’ one can enjoy 10 second pulse. The sms charge under this package will be on all the fnf numbers in all operators is that of 39 paisa whereas for non fnf numbers, it is 49 paisa in all operators. The call charge will be on airtel fnf number and also in operator fnf number is that of 79 paisa whereas in non fnf number, it is 1.29 tk. Moreover, you get cash back bonus from airtel ‘shobai’ prepaid package. For each 5, 10 and 20 tk. usage, you will get 1, 3 and 5 tk. as cash back bonus. You will not get cash back on calls made to the fnf operator though.
To know more about all airtel ‘shobai’ prepaid package, call 1212 (Free).

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