Airtel Internet Settings

Airtel internet setting

This post will guide you to the necessary information that are required to know about airtel internet settings for mobile and PC. I hope that it will help the customers to set it right and enjoy the service of airtel Bangladesh.


Airtel Bangladesh is giving you the opportunity to access the service of internet using the GPRS/EDGE network and get connected to it anytime anywhere.

There are three ways for you to access the internet using your Airtel phone. You can surf the net directly from your mobile phone. That depends on the handset of yours though. It can possible either through World Wide Web or through WAP. For most handsets, you can find the internet browser under the “Web” menu from the menu options of your handset.  Other than that, you can use your airtel phone as a modem and connect it to a PC via USB cable or Bluetooth. In addition, you can insert your airtel sim in an EDGE PC Data card & use the card with your laptop or PC.


How to set : 

How airtel internet settings is set will depend onfew things. Select the “Connect to internet/Connectivity” option that will appear in your computer screen to connect to the internet. A connection icon will be displayed in the Task Bar of your PC as a result of that. It will confirm you that you have been connected to the internet.

Airtel internet settings is done. Now, enjoy !



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