Airtel ‘Hoi Choi’ Prepaid Package

Here at this post, I am going to talk about all the details of airtel ‘Hoi Choi’ Prepaid Package. I hope it will help the customers who want to use this package.

One of the highlighted prepaid package of airtel is that of ‘hoi choi.’ The main objective remains the same which is – to keep all of you connected with your friends. The ‘hoi choi’ package users can get 2 special fnf numbers which they can use. One fnf should be from airtel and another one can be from other operator as well.
How airtel ‘Hoi Choi’ prepaid package works : 
It is the only prepaid package where one can enjoy 1 second pulse from the first second with astonishing rate of as low as half-paisa per second. They can also enjoy All other calls at 1.65 paisa per second as well. Under this package, the sms charge will be on all the fnf numbers in all operators is that of 29 paisa whereas in normal circumstances it is 39 paisa in all operators. The call charge will be on airtel fnf number is that of 30 paisa whereas in non airtel fnf number, it is 60 paisa. In normal circumstances, it is 99 paisa in all operators at any time. Moreover, you get cashback bonus from airtel ‘hoi choi’ prepaid package. For each 5, 10 and 20 tk. usage, you will get 1, 3 and 5 tk. as cashback bonus.
To add FnF, type ADD< space >016XXXXXXXX (FnF number) to 7353 (free). Not to mention that, 15 % vat is applicable to all charges and services. In order to migrate to hoi choi, type H and SMS to 7353.
To know more about all airtel ‘hoi choi’ prepaid package, call 1212 (Free).

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