Airtel ‘Dolbol’ Prepaid Package

Here at this post, I am going to share with you about all the details of airtel ‘dolbol’ prepaid package. I hope it will benefit those specific customers who want to use this package.

It is one of those very unique offer from airtel where you can join your own community and talk to them at the lowest rate. Other than that, it also offers a bundle of other benefits that you as a consumer are looking for.
How airtel ‘dolbol’ prepaid package works : 
 Join to your ‘dolbol’ by writing “d” in the text and send it to 7353 (FREE). In order to add community, simply sms “join” < space > < community id > to 7353 (FREE) and to remove community, simply sms “out” < space > < community id > to 7353 (FREE). Or you can join ” dolbol” and add your community in a single step. Only you have to do is to write a sms of “join” < space > < community id > to 7353 (FREE). For ‘university’ or ‘college’ codes, you can find that in the following address – which is the official address of airtel Bangladesh.
To know more about all airtel ‘dolbol’ prepaid package, call 1212 (Free).

So, now join your own community and talk at the lowest rate possible!


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